Southbank Book Market

Who can deny the joy of a good old-fashioned, human-run, paperback-selling bookshop? London is blessed with a wealth of independent bookshops, many of which are home to hidden gems on their shelves. Vanessa Hicks has scoured the streets to find you the cream of the crop – and the good news is there isn’t a Kindle in sight!


Sky Valley Mistress are bold, intrepid and they have enough attitude that you wouldn’t even dare not to like them. Ashely Toth gets the lowdown.

Credit: REX

An increasing number of couples embark upon the long distance challenge. Liane Nelson asks if we are living in a dreamland of having our cake and eating it too?

Credit: Julian Phethean

“Doing graffiti is in my blood and has become a part of me, it’s like an addiction,” says Mr Cenz, street artist extraordiaire. Yasmita Kumar gets the lowdown.


The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of Wes Anderson’s finest works. It’s an always entertaining romp that expertly balances its tone between delightfully lighthearted and darkly morose, all while delivering some tremendously funny deadpan humour, engaging plot threads and Anderson’s recognisably brilliant sense of stylistic flair

Credit: The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

This Spitalfields speakeasy has emerged as a favourite on the London cocktail scene.

adult jazz

Adult Jazz, the indie-pop quartet from Leeds, don’t sound like their name suggests. Their intensely delicate, precise, and sophisticated sounds balance unconventional funk and chilled summery grooves.